These survey results are a call to action.  There is significant work to be done to ensure that faculty have access to the technology they need; technology that is reliable, easy to use, and well supported.

The fall of 2013 was particularly difficult due to the unreliability of the LMS, as also described in the IT@UBC Self-Study.  The LMS is a critical component of the university technology environment, and must work.  As suggested in a recent ECAR Research Bulletin on The Learning Management System Evolution:

For many years, the LMS has been an enduring, somewhat underappreciated, learning environment component, but its institutional profile has risen over time.  Today, it’s an important face for the institution as it evolves into a primary access point for students’ course material and interactions.  The LMS is poised to play a more visible role in institutional affairs as administrative and academic leaders increasingly factor its integral educational role and real-time student data into emerging educational models, student success initiatives, and institutional objectives.  Additionally, as expectations increase for a seamless and rich learning experience that is both platform and device agnostic, the future LMS must be agile, integrated and interoperable. (p. 5)

There is significant work to be done.

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