Teaching Practitioner

CTLT offers programs that support you in your teaching and learning endeavours and provide information on current research on teaching and learning theories and methods.

CTLT Institute
In-depth exploration of effective teaching practices relative to your course.

Classroom Climate
Exploration of issues that surface around culture, trust, power, and respect, as well as strategies for fostering dialogue.

Course Design Intensive
An intensive program in a supportive atmosphere, working both individually and collaboratively, to design or re-design a course that you teach or are planning to teach.

Faculty Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW)
Practice with colleagues to refine skills in facilitation, lesson design, and feedback.

Formative Peer Review of Teaching
Opportunity to receive formative feedback, gain insights, and learn new strategies from a colleague.

Summative Peer Review of Teaching
Structures and resources available to support the summative peer review of teaching.

Teaching in a Blended Learning Environment (T-BLE)
T-BLE is a short, immersive blended course aimed at instructors who are already teaching in the classroom and are considering moving to a blended environment.

Communities of Practice (CoPs)
Connect and collaborate with like-minded colleagues on a shared focus or topic of your interest. CoPs are inquiry-based and collaboratively organized and facilitated on areas such as Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and Teaching and Learning Portfolios.

Teaching, Learning and Technology Speaker Series (TLT)
Showcase for innovative projects engaged with learning technologies.

Sustainability in Education
Connect with colleagues to share examples and possibilities for weaving sustainability into the curriculum.
All CTLT Programs

Contact us for the following services:

One-on-One Consultation
Private conversations with CTLT staff to address any aspect of your teaching and learning.

In-Class Observation
Confidential and informed formative feedback from CTLT staff on your teaching practice based on your strengths and areas for improvement.