Educational Leadership

Connect and collaborate with other faculty members through the educational leadership services and resources offered at CTLT.

Academic Leadership Development Program
Join peers in leadership capacities to learn about aspects of being an academic leader, such as department heads.

Curriculum Renewal
Opportunity to collaborate on a scholarly approach to reviewing or revising curriculum.

Summative Peer Review of Teaching
Opportunity to receive summative feedback, gain insights, and learn new strategies from a colleague.

Communities of Practice (CoPs)
Connect and collaborate with like-minded colleagues on a shared focus or topic of your interest. CoPs are inquiry-based and collaboratively organized and facilitated on areas such as Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and Teaching and Learning Portfolios.

International Program for the Scholarship of Educational Leadership (SoEL): UBC Certificate on Curriculum & Pedagogy in Higher Education
This annual cohort program, run by the Faculty of Education, is designed for academic leaders with educational leadership roles and responsibilities for undergraduate/graduate degree programs, and/or institution-level educational initiatives (e.g., Program Directors, Associate Deans, Curriculum and Pedagogical Leaders, Teaching Award Winners, Tenured faculty members/Professors of Teaching, Senior Administrators and P&T Committee Personnel, Teaching Librarians) within and across UBCs diverse disciplinary contexts.

Teaching and Educational Leadership
As part of a international project,CTLT has developed a ‘community map’ for teaching and educational leadership: a framework for how we can think about the various dimensions of teaching and how these are expressed.

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Contact us for the following services:

One-on-One Consultation
Private conversations with CTLT staff to address any aspect of your teaching and learning.

In-Class Observation
Confidential and informed formative feedback from CTLT staff on your teaching practice based on your strengths and areas for improvement.