Teaching and Educational Leadership

UBC introduced the rank of Professor of Teaching in 2011. At that time, changes were also made to the requirements for educational leadership for faculty members appointed as Instructors and Senior Instructors.

Since then and with campus partners, CTLT has worked to:

  • Clarify and re-evaluate how we, as a campus community, understand the term “educational leadership” (EL)
  • Showcase the diversity of activities that are undertaken by faculty as they partake in EL
  • Articulate how EL relates to (but is distinct from) service and teaching and learning activities
  • Develop practical ways to document EL activities, together with the impact they have had and the sources of evidence used to support narratives of impact

Some of this work has been undertaken as part of an international collaboration in the Education Innovation cluster of the Universitas21 global network of research universities. Starting from desk research in 2014/15 to evaluate policy documents and procedures across a range of U21 member institutions, the project generated a framework for thinking about teaching excellence and educational leadership.

The resources available below have been refined, revised and validated through extensive input from the UBC community to ensure they are fit for use in a variety of different contexts.

The overall aim of these efforts is to provide additional clarity and support to:

  • Faculty candidates  
  • Heads and supporters who help bring forward cases for promotion and tenure
  • Colleagues who participate in the various departmental, Faculty and university committees that evaluate these cases


The pages linked from here will give you more details on this work and what it has produced: