Teaching and Educational Leadership

UBC introduced the rank of Professor of Teaching, along with changes to the requirements for educational leadership for faculty appointed as Instructors and Senior Instructors in 2011. Five years later, CTLT  initiated a project to:

  • Re-evaluate what we as a campus community understand by the diverse activities undertaken by faculty in both streams  under the umbrella term of ‘educational leadership’;
  • More clearly articulate how this relates to (but is distinct from) teaching and learning activities, and to service activities in relation to teaching;
  • Develop practical ways to document such activities, together with the impact they have had and the sources of evidence used to support narratives of impact.

Some of this work has been undertaken as part of an international collaboration as part of the Education Innovation cluster of the Universitas21 global network of research universities. The materials developed here have been refined, revised and validated through extensive input from the UBC community to ensure they are fi for use in a variety of different contexts.

The pages linked from here will give you more details on this work and what it has produced:

  • The page on Background to Educational leadership at UBC gives a short history and links to relevant materials within the Senior Appointments Committee (SAC) guide to promotion and tenure
  • The current re-evaluation of EL at UBC gives details of the origin of this work in a Universitas21 collaboration
  • The ELM tool that has developed out of this work, to map teaching and educational leadership activities is described in greater detail here.
  • The emerging Teaching and Learning Impact Framework, currently under active development to capture the impact and evidence for impact of these activities, is described here.

This work is very much ‘in progress’ and we are keen to hear feedback on the resources developed and their utility, or suggestions of how they might be used in different contexts across UBC: please do get in touch with CTLT’s Academic Director, Dr. Christina Hendricks.