CTLT Faculty Associates


The CTLT Faculty Associates Program has three principal aims:

  1. To enable individuals acting as Associates to be supported to undertake teaching and learning projects of importance to them, their Department / Faculty
  2. To develop capacity for educational leadership
  3. To complement and strengthen local (Faculty- or Department-based) teaching and learning support resources and provide greater access to relevant CTLT academic services and expertise

The CTLT Faculty Associates Program will increase communication opportunities between CTLT and Departments, so that CTLT is better able to understand the needs and requirements of a particular Department and Departments have a local point of contact able to facilitate access to the services and expertise that CTLT offers. The Associate thus acts as conduit for this two-way information flow. Additionally, this will support the professional development of Associates through cohort-based training in evidence-based teaching practice, research and scholarship, contributing to and expanding the base of UBC’s educational leadership capacity.


To the Department / Faculty: development of local expertise to undertake a project or series of planned activities to address an issue of departmental relevance; expand opportunities for faculty to learn about, access and provide feedback on CTLT services.

To the individual: Cohort-based support model with other Associates will function similar to a Faculty Learning Community; first hand contact with wide range of people in CTLT to support practice and professional development, training, support and educational leadership opportunities; acquiring knowledge and skills to improve teaching, support peers, and demonstrate educational leadership.

To CTLT: increased communication and collaboration with Departments and local teaching and learning support units; increased understanding of local faculty needs for support and professional development and potential for increased faculty representation and engagement in programs and services within CTLT.

CTLT is not currently accepting new applications for Faculty Associates.

For more information about the CTLT Faculty Associates Program, contact Jeff Miller, Senior Associate Director, CTLT.