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Constructing Exams and Tests

Peer Review of Teaching

  • The Peer Review of Teaching: Collegial conversations / Enhancing scholarly practice (Australian Learning and Teaching Council)
    Provides downloadable, printable resources and video resources related to peer review.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition


Self Evaluation of Teaching

Student Evaluation of Teaching

  • Student Evaluation of Teaching: Methodological Critique - Robert Sproule
    This paper outlines two arguments that “challenge those who would advocate a continuation of the exclusive use of raw SET data in the determination of ‘teaching effectiveness’ in the ’summative” function’”. The paper also seeks to answer the question: “In the face of such challenges, why do university administrators continue to use these data exclusively in the determination of ‘teaching effectiveness’?”

Teaching Goals Inventory

Teaching Portfolio

The terms teaching portfolio and teaching dossier can be used interchangeably.