Teaching, Learning and Technology


Instructional Design Models

Teaching and Learning with Technology

  • UBC's e-Learning Toolkit
    UBC's e-Learning Toolkit is for those new to using technology in education or those looking for new ideas and best practices. In the Toolkit, you will find a definition of each learning tool, sample uses, some benefits, tips on how to get started, and additional resources.


  • Video Conferencing in Higher Education - Advisory Group on Computer Graphics, Joint Information System Committee (JISC)
    This report is intended to make the readers aware of the relevant problems of using Video Conferencing by separating technological, psychological, pedagogical and sociological issues. “The aim of this report is to put Video Conferencing into a Learning Framework and to take a learner-centred rather than technology-centred view of the problem.”
source: https://wiki.ubc.ca/Documentation:CTLT_Resources/Webliography_Teaching_Learning_and_Technology